Despite her rhetoric, big pharma likes Hillary

“Price gouging like this in the specialty market is outrageous,” Clinton tweeted in September, referring to the now-infamous decision by Turing Pharmaceuticals to raise the price of a decades-old medicine by 5,000 percent overnight. “Tomorrow I’ll lay out a plan to take it on.”

That was Sept. 21. The IBB, an exchange-traded fund that tracks the biotech industry, promptly sank almost 5 percent. Through this week, it has lost almost 30 percent.

Clinton hasn’t let up on drugmakers. Last week, she released a campaign ad directly targeting Valeant Pharmaceuticals, another pharmaceutical company in the crosshairs for hiking prices of old medicines (though Valeant has since run into other troubles).

The contributions in support of Clinton come mainly from individual donors who work for pharmaceutical companies, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. They may also include contributions from political action committees associated with drug companies.

And despite Clinton’s antipharma rhetoric, some say she may actually be the industry’s safest choice.

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