iPhone 7 leaked chassis hints at redesigned antenna, larger camera

We are a week away from Apple unveiling a new 4-inch iPhone and rumours regarding the company’s iPhone 7 aren’t on hold. A new report shares images of the iPhone 7’s chassis which hints at a redesigned antenna along with a slight change in the camera lens set up as well. The images are said to be taken at Catcher technologies, which is a ‘case supplier’ for Apple.

According to a report by Nowhereelse, the images are hint that the antenna lines have now been redesigned and are not present on the back of the phone. In addition, the 3.5mm audio jack has been removed as well. The casing for the iPhone 7 is thinner than previous models and the rear camera hole looks significantly larger as well.

Image: Nowwhereelse

A previous report points out that Apple is said to be working on applying a technology that blocks off electromagnetic waves to the iPhone 7. The new iPhone will apparently include a broader array of single-chip EMI shields, from radio frequency to wireless LAN and Bluetooth chips. In the past, the company has also used EMI shielding on large portions of the iPhone’s circuit board and a few individual chips have included their own shielding as well.

According to a report by ET News, Apple has StatsChipPac and Amkor responsible for EMI Shield process on major chips of iPhone 7. EMI Shield process will take place in both businesses’ factories that are in South Korea.

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