SpaceX aborts third launch attempt just moments before ignition

SpaceX’s third attempt to launch the Falcon 9 rocket was aborted just seconds before launch yesterday. SpaceX explained that while everything was fine, they aborted the launch “out of an abundance of caution.”

The engines had time to fire before the launch was aborted due to a low thrust alarm. Earlier during the countdown, a boat had wandered into the flight path of the rocket. The Air Force ordered that the launch be put on hold while they scrambled to clear the boat. This delayed the launch by 35 minutes, which resulted in a heating up of the rocket’s liquid oxygen store, triggering the alarm when a helium bubble was detected.

There is no fixed date for the relaunch, but apparently, there will be no launch till Tuesday at the earliest.

The falcon 9 rocket is supposed to launch Boeing’s SES-9 rocket, which is, at around 5.5 tonnes, the heaviest rocket that the system has had to lift so far.

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