This year's best April Fools

It rolls around every year and every year someone gets caught out by one of the too good to be true stories doing the rounds on April 1.

Here we take a look at some of this year’s best April Fools.

Olivia Colman gets touted as the next Bond in The Daily Mail today but although some may have been excited about a female 007 it would appear it’s not to be.

According to the paper Colman won the role after impressing producer Barbara Broccoli with her portrayal of “a hard, determined yet compassionate spook” during her role as spymaster Angela Burr in BBC1’s The Night Manager.

The key clue that it was a hoax though was the fact that the announcement was yet to be confirmed by the film’s associate producer who was none other than “Flora Pilo”.

The Royal family are considering intervening in the Brexit debate, according to The Guardian and Prince Philip has been chosen as their representative championing the bid to stay in the EU.

According to the paper Kensington Palace sources said the “choice is a tight one between ITV’s news anchor Tom Bradby, who is preferred by Prince William, and Prince Harry’s strong favourites Ant and Dec” to help the Duke present his public broadcast in support of the remain campaign.

The paper also cites an insider saying a pre-recorded session had been opted for because of Philip’s propensity for swearing “but we’ve got time to iron things out between today – 1 April – and June.”

The Telegraph claims today that French and German Uefa officials are poised to file a legal petition suspending England from the Euro 2016 competition if Britain votes to leave Europe on June 23.

However seeing as the article was written by a “Rollo Piaf” we suspect football fans don’t need to worry just yet.

Scotland and Wales are supposedly in preliminary talks to split away from the UK and “form a new country if Britain votes to leave the EU“, according to The Independent.

The paper says there has been discussion over designs for “a bridge or tunnel linking the two countries directly via the Isle of Mann” and redacted documents show the name “Celtic Union” is under consideration.

Car company BMW have even got in to the April Fools day spirit putting out a press release this morning boasting that they had invented new type of baby boot that stopped little ones falling over.

“Using revolutionary technology” the car company said they created footwear with soles featuring “adaptive rubber which can react in a tenth of a second to varying surfaces and conditions”.

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